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Abington’s Trusted Transmission Repair Specialists

Thanks to our exclusive multi-point transmission scan, AAMCO of Abington is equipped to diagnose and repair a variety of transmission issues ranging from minor repairs to complete rebuilds. Our state-of-the-art diagnostics and highly skilled auto repair technicians have earned us the reputation for being among Abington’s most trusted transmission rebuild and repair specialists. We take accuracy very seriously here, as we want to get you back on the road as safely as possible. Our technicians will never try to upsell you on any parts or repairs we don’t deem absolutely necessary.

Mechanic holding clipboard with open car engine

Advanced Diagnostics for Accurate Transmission Repair

Our multi-point transmission scan diagnoses most transmission issues, though occasionally we may run additional tests if we feel they’re necessary. You can rest assured that if there’s an electronic malfunction affecting your transmission, we’ll locate it thanks to our advanced diagnostic capabilities. Many customers only need a minor transmission repair or part replacement. However, should you end up needing a complete transmission rebuild, we use only high-quality parts backed by one of the best national warranties in the business for your protection and peace of mind.

What’s Included in Our Multi-Point Transmission Scan?

Our multi-point transmission scan begins with us checking your transmission, transfer case, and differential fluids followed by a quick test drive. Once we’ve tested your vehicle in neutral, park, and reverse to see if you have any noticeable drivability issues, your vehicle will be lifted up for a closer inspection of its many external components, including:

  • Shift cable and linkage
  • Vacuum connections
  • TV/detent cable and linkage
  • Harness connections
  • Ground connections
  • Engine mounts
  • Axles and shafts
  • U-Joints and CV joints
  • Fluid retention
  • Pan gaskets
  • Wires

Need Transmission Repair in Abington? Call Us Today!

For nearly 50 years, America has trusted AAMCO repair shops for all their transmission repair needs. AAMCO of Abington welcomes the opportunity to provide honest, thorough transmission rebuild and repair services to all of Abington. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment for transmission service. Moreover, don’t forget to check our current specials designed to help take some of the hassle out of auto repairs!

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